Dr. Carol Sawka: A Leader in Women’s Health Care and Cancer Research

Jocalyn P. Clark, BSc, MSc

It is an exciting time to be involved in cancer research in Canada and Dr. Carol Sawka is helping lead the way. Over the last fifteen years Dr. Sawka has established an impressive clinical and research career in women's health, focusing on optimizing breast cancer care. Dr. Sawka's leadership roles bridge clinical, research, and policy-making activities, linking scientific research evidence to the development of clinical practice guidelines, and setting the stage for promising new treatments and outcomes for cancer patients.

Like many high profile academic physicians, Dr. Sawka wears several hats. Her eleven year involvement with the Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre culminated recently in her appointment as Chief Executive Officer. Her career began at the cancer centre in 1988 as a staff oncologist, followed by her appointment in April 1998 as a Division Head. Currently she is also the CEO of the Central East Regional Cancer Centre and a Vice-President of Cancer Care Ontario. In addition, Dr. Sawka is Head of the cancer program at Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Centre, as well as an Associate Professor in the Departments of Public Health Sciences and Medicine at the University of Toronto and an Adjunct Senior Scientist at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES).