Geriatrics Matters!—Health Plexus and Journal of Current Clinical Care Announce Geriatrics CME resource in Partnership with Baycrest Health Sciences.

In January of 2009, the journal Geriatrics & Aging published an editorial titled “Does Geriatrics Matter?” Dr. Barry Goldlist, then editor of G&A, raised a very thought-provoking question: does the term “geriatrics” have a negative connotation in the area of Continuing Medical Education. The readers then passionately responded and offered their perspectives on the subject.

Ultimately, Geriatrics does matter, now more so than ever before!

With current demographics clearly dictating the need for quality care for our seniors, the demand for timely Continuing Medical Education to support these needs and improve the level of care is evident. In Canada, the majority of care for the elderly falls to Primary Care Practitioners who are on the front lines of our healthcare system. The number of Geriatricians, specialists recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, is still only around 200 and many of them are not in clinical practice but rather focus on research.

To address the lack of readily accessible, quality CME in Geriatrics, Health Plexus and the Journal of Current Clinical Care partnered with Baycrest—one of the world’s leading academic health sciences centres focused on aging. Baycrest is one of the few places in the world that combines a world-class research institute with a rich variety of senior care services. Baycrest continues to attract some of the most influential scientists in the fields of aging and cognition and as a result is a working laboratory for unparalleled innovation in clinical care delivery for an aging population.

As part of this partnership, Baycrest will offer educational resources to healthcare professionals with an interest in Geriatrics. A series of Clinical Reviews, Case Studies, online CME programs, Interviews, and other presentations will be available via and the JCCC platforms.

To facilitate the content development, Baycrest has formed a highly respected editorial board that will be responsible for the planning of the educational calendar for the learners.

Baycrest Editorial Board:
Michael Gordon, editor-in-chief
David Cohn, editor and director of partnership
Michelle Hart, editor, CHE/CME
Sid Feldman, editor, primary care.

As part of its educational mandate, the collaboration will offer educational materials in an easy to consume format, including micro learning, biomedical visual aids, and other tools designed to assist with knowledge acquisition.

"We are very proud to formally partner with Baycrest on the Geriatrics CME resource. We are excited to offer our members access to timely, high-quality CME materials designed to assist them with offering quality care to their aging patients. The Geriatrics CME resource will add to and compliment the growing list of premier educational channels available on our platforms."

―Mark Varnovitski

Publisher, Journal of Current Clinical Care