#27: Review of the Liver

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Hello and welcome to the next episode of 3P, Pills, Pearls, and Patients. I'm your host, Dr. Marina Malak, and today we're going to do a very quick episode on Review of the Liver. Now, what really sparked this kind of in-between impromptu episode is the fact that I felt we had a lot to talk about the liver, you know, there's an Approach to Fatty Liver, Approach to Elevated Liver Enzymes, but sometimes there's a little bit of confusion around certain things to do with the liver.

So, for example, what are liver function tests? What are the liver enzymes? How do you separate both of them? When do you order What? Similarly with hepatitis serologies. So this is going to kind of be a quick mixed bag episode of things about the liver. And it's an important one because we're going to need to talk about Approach to Liver Enzymes.

And we talked about Approach to Fatty Liver. So I just want to put this episode in between the two. So this episode is following the Approach to Fatty Liver, and it's going to come before or the Approach to Elevated Liver Enzymes. That will be the next episode.



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Dr. Marina Malak is a family physician in Mississauga, Ontario and a lecturer and faculty member at the University of Toronto. She is actively involved in medical advocacy, and is a board member of the Mississauga Primary Care Network. She is also a member of the National Committee of Continuing Professional Development at the College of Family Physicians of Ontario, and a member of the Research Ethics Board at Trillium Health Partners.

She is passionate about patient care; medical education; and promoting mental, physical, and emotional wellness. She enjoys reading, writing, public speaking, puzzles, doodling in her bullet journal, and creating drawings on Procreate.