Editor's Note, Volume 12 Issue 4

D’Arcy Little, MD, CCFP, FCFP, FRCPC Medical Director, JCCC and HealthPlexus.NET

I am pleased to introduce the next issue of the Journal of Current Clinical Care.

Drs. Patrick Thornley and Christopher S. Bailey present Management of Lumbar Radiculopathy Secondary to Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Herniation. Lumbar intervertebral disc herniations (IVH) carry a high lifetime prevalence and are the most common cause of sciatica. The vast majority of symptomatic lumbar IVH improve with conservative management although adjuncts such as physiotherapy and epidural steroid injections may play a role in short-term symptom relief. For patients with unresponsive lumbar IVH, discectomy reliably improves symptoms more rapidly than continued conservative care, although clinical response between operative and conservative care are no different at one-year after symptom onset.

Dr. Pradeep Shenoy an ENT & Neck Surgeon from Campbellton Regional Hospital in Campbellton, New Brunswick offers Part 3 of an ENT Emergencies CME with a focus on Throat Disorders. After participating in this 4-part online CPD Program, physicians, residents and medical students should be able to:

  • Recognize that most ENT emergencies can be managed in the ER or by family doctors with a knowledge of ENT;
  • Review that it is important to manage patients promptly and effectively with basic ENT training;
  • Comprehend when to refer patients to the ENT surgeon to prevent complications;
  • Recognize that a few basic investigations will prevent delays in being seen by an ENT specialist;
  • Explain the most appropriate investigations for ENT presentations.

Dr. Michael Gordon, Emeritus Professor of Medicine from the University of Toronto offers two narratives for a lighter read, To Bee or Not to Bee and Autonomy: A Fantastic Ethical Principle. Dr. Gordon is a prolific writer and masterful storyteller who loves to share his personal experiences. He also hosts the Medical Narratives podcast on

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