Journal of Current Clinical Care

Journal of Current Clinical Care (JCCC) is a digital CME peer reviewed publication. The journal publishes the manuscripts submitted by educators who are Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in their respective fields and offers articles in the “publication-style” issues.

The issues are offered in an interactive CME format that maximizes learners’ engagement with the help of original biomedical Visual Aids, Key Points and Clinical Pearls. Also, the success of knowledge transfer is measured via the Pre- and Post-test Quizzes.

JCCC offers modern educational platforms to professional societies and associations that are seeking new channels for reaching broader professional audiences with their educational materials.

FOR PROFESSIONALS, the publication prepares physicians to meet the daily challenges of their clinical practice by covering conditions and concerns that are common in their patients. The Journal is designed to meet CHE requirements and helps readers along their continuing educational development process.

FOR EDUCATORS AND CONTRIBUTORS, JCCC acts as a unique platform to reach their target audience using a format that goes beyond the traditional publication medium by further developing articles into CME modules.

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