#5: Falls and Dizziness

RS: Hello, I'm Regina Starr and welcome to the Medical Narratives podcast with Dr. Michael Gordon. In this episode, we'll be continuing our discussion of the top issues affecting the elderly. Focusing on the topic of Falls and Dizziness. Falls are a major concern for older adults. And in this episode, Dr. Gordon will share his expertise and offer some tips on how to prevent falls and manage dizziness in the elderly population. So sit back, relax and join us for another informative episode of the Medical Narratives podcast.

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Dr. Michael Gordon recently retired after a fulfilling career as a geriatrician that spanned 56 years, 44 of which he spent working at the Baycrest Center in Toronto. He is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Dr. Gordon is a recognized ethicist and a thought leader on all topics of care of the elderly and end-of-life decisions. He recently reactivated his medical license and will be returning to part-time medical consulting mainly in the domain of cognition and memory loss.

Michael is a prolific writer and a masterful storyteller. He is a regular contributor to the Journal of Current Clinical Care and